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Roomali Paneer and Chutney Butter Recipe

Elements Of Roomali Paneer And Chutney Butter

2 kg square paneer

75 gms slashed coriander

60 gms mint

Green chilies to taste

20 ml lemon juice

60 gm yellow margarine

45 gm panko breadcrumbs

10 gm ginger

1 coconut

15 gm ground Parmesan cheddar

Salt to taste

30 gm cooked pine nuts (chilgoza)

30 gm figs dried

30 gm ground Gruyere cheddar

45 gm hung yogurt

5 gm ginger garlic glue

A squeeze of garam masala

Instructions to Make Roomali Paneer and Chutney Butter

For chutney margarine:

1.Clean, wash and generally cleave mint, coriander, ginger and green chili.2.Break the coconut and evacuate the dark colored skin. Mesh it finely (30 gm ground coconut)3.Grind the above ingredients.4.Adjust the flavoring by including lemon juice and salt.5.Keep half blend aside for paneer move filling.6.Add yellow spread, Panko bread pieces, Gruyere and Parmesan cheddar to staying half. Blend it altogether to influence herb to spread.

For heated masala paneer:

1.Cut the paneer hinder in six thin long slices.2.Spread staying mint chutney on the paneer cuts and sprinkle cleaved pine nuts.3.Roll each cut like a Swiss roll. Keep aside4.Make marination with hung yogurt, ginger garlic glue, salt and garam masala.5.Marinate each move with this marinade. Keep for 30 minutes.6.Top each paneer move with herb butter.7.Bake in broiler at 180 c till brilliant dark colored covering.

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