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Dum Paneer Kali Mirch Recipe

Elements Of Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

1 tsp Oil

4 Cloves

4 Green cardamoms

1 inch piece Cinnamon

1 Onion (singed till darker and mixed with little water to make glue)

Glue of 1 tsp ginger and 1 tsp garlic with 4 green chillies

3 Tbsp Dahi/Yogurt

1 tsp Dhaniya/Coriander powder

1 tsp Pepper powder

3/4 tsp Cumin powder

1 tsp Salt

2 Tbsp Cream

1/4 tsp Rang mirch/Paprika

1/4 tsp Haldi/Turmeric

1/4 tsp Garam masala

250 Gram Paneer

To embellish Coriander

To embellish Fresh mint clears out

The most effective method to Make Dum Paneer Kali Mirch1.Heat oil and include the cloves, cardamoms and cinnamon till it’s decent and fragrant.2.Now include onion glue and cook well.3.Add ginger, garlic and green stew glue. Saute.4.Add yogurt/dahi.5.Cook and include coriander powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, haldi and rang mirch/red chilli.6.Add salt. Cook and include curds shapes and cream and 1/2 container water.7.Seal the dish with thwart and put a top on top.8.Reduce fire to low and let it stew for 15 minutes.9.Now open it and cook further on the off chance that you jump at the chance to dry it up.10.Check for salt including increasingly if necessary, serve embellished with coriander and mint clears out.

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