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Turkish Tulumba Recipe

Elements Of Turkish Tulumba

For Dough:

250 Gram Flour

2 Tbsp Oil

A squeeze of Salt

250 Ml Water

3 Medium Egg

5 Gram Cornstarch

For the Syrup:

500 Gram Sugar

500 Ml Water

2 Pieces Cinnamon Sticks, little

1 Lemon, cut

50 Ml Rose Water

Instructions to Make Turkish Tulumba

Set up the Dough:

1.First get the water to heat up a vessel.2.Take a blending dish include the flour, oil, salt and pour the bubbled water in the blend and blend well.3.Now include one egg at any given moment and blend the blend well. Rehash this procedure for each of the 3 eggs.4.Now add the corn flour to the mixture and blend it well. Ater that take a funneling pack with a star spout and exhaust the whole batter inside the sack and set it up for pipping.5.Now take a vessel for profound singing, convey the oil to a temperature for profound fricasseeing the dough.6.You would now be able to pipe the mixture into long sticks and profound sear the batter till it is brilliant dark colored.

Setting up the Syrup:

1.Take a vessel and include every one of the fixings into the water and convey it to bubble. Lessen the syrup till it turns out to be somewhat viscous.2.Once you are happy with the consistency, submerge the brilliant fricasseed batters into the syrup.3.After 10 seconds expel the sticks and your Turkish Tulumba is prepared to be served.

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